Watch Laila Majnu Movie Online Story 2018 Of Modern Day


Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali and Ekta Kapoor's film "Laila Majnu" will soon knock on theaters on September 7. This movie shows the love story of Modern Laila Majnu. The film's powerful trailer has been released recently, in which Avinash 'Majnu' and 'Trupti Dimri' are seen in the role of 'Layla'. At the same time, the film has been shot in the plight of Kashmir. Imtiaz took about ten years to write Laila Majnu's Story. After that he has found it in a thread.

In such a modern love story,

'Laila Majnu', Laila Majnu's love story of Modern-day has been shown. In it, Avinash and Ordinance arrive at the marriage of a friend, where both of them are Naina. After this, their love story begins and later they can not live without each other. Her story has been woven on the lines of Laila-Majnu, one of the world's most famous love stories. Imtiaz Ali's younger brother Sajid Ali is the director of this movie.

However, it is also heard that both of them were sunk in the love of each other and wanted to marry. But both families were not given their love. Both of them got fed up with this and gave their life. Historians believe that Laila-Majnu fled from Pakistan and came to Anupgarh in Sriganganagar, Rajasthan, where both of them were killed by thirst and Anupgarh tehsil remained the mazar of these two lovers. This mazar is considered a symbol of love and people who believe in love reach far and away. At the same time, they offer a sheet on their mazar. Once a year, there is a fair on this mazar.