Snoring Remedies: Avoid the Ear-Shattering Sound By Changing Your Sleeping Position!


The problem of snoring elevates with the growing ages of people and snoring is an issue which most people suffer from. This is a problem not only for the person suffering from it as someone reverberate throughout the midnight, they can possibly keep their loved ones, friends and family awake through the whole phase.

Changing the position of your sleep can be the best remedy for your snoring issues. Does the sleeping position really effects snoring? This is what we are going to find out here!

It is a general question which we are going to ask you first. How many of us are into this grave issue of snoring thereby leading our loved ones staying awake the whole night? But you need to understand a fact that snoring is not someone’s fault though it is a bad habit. It is a common health issue which prevails among most of the people of our generation.

Simple nasal congestion or by an underlying problem or the position in which we are sleeping in are some of the many causes which causes snoring. So to find the best snoring solutions it is must to know the exact cause of snoring.

When it comes to dealing with snoring face-to-face, the level of closeness or the amount of love shared between the two parties becomes something which is insignificant as it is not in any way good to be in the same room with a person who has the problem of snoring.

It is fact which is really annoying and irritating to sleep in the same room with a snorer, irrespective whether the person snoring is your mother, special one, friend or someone who is close to you.

Certain changes in the position in which you sleep can stop this aggravating problem of snoring. In a nod to the nation’s loss of sleep the condition is referred to be as “very common” as per NHS.

What they quoted is that there can be a number of causes which can cause a person to snore such as the tongue, mouth, throat or the blocking of the airways in your nose when you breathe. Snoring usually happens when these parts of the body relaxes or narrows down while you are asleep.

To help someone get rid of snoring problem, Philanthropist Sara Davenport recommended two sleeping positions.

The Foetal Position

This sleeping position is referred to the way a foetus is. Here you lie on your side with hands lay as an infant of the face and underneath the legs are tucked in.

In her new book, ‘Reboot  your Health : Simple DIY Tests’, is what Sara said that this sleeping position is very common as most of the women, according to the reports, about 51% of women sleep in this position.

Sleeping is this position has many advantages, it keeps your spine elongated and the neck and the back pain also reduced. Acid reflux and snoring is also reduced through this position. Is what Sara also mentioned.

The Log Position

The ones, who take cat naps, lie straight and on one side of their body is what this sleeping position is.

It keeps your spine straightened up and you are left without any stress. This way the snoring is reduced though with this position there are chances that you might be getting wrinkles on as only 15% of the people sleep in this position.

Avoid these sleeping positions for eradicating snoring

There are many positions which you should really avoid if you really looking for solutions to your snoring issues. And this is what Davenport has reported.

The Starfish Position

What Davenport reported is that this position work miraculously solving the back and neck pain but this position will make you snore more.

From not smashing your face on the pillow, this position also reduces wrinkles and also reduces acid reflux.

This is how you sleep in a starfish position: Lie on your back with a hand resting on the pillow and the legs are stretched out.

The Soldier Position

What Davenport reported is that this position will make you snore more though this position is preferred by 8% of people and this also increases sleep apnea.

This position also reduces back and neck pain and also reduces acid reflux.

This is how you sleep in soldier position: here the person lies on their back with arms lying beside them and legs are stretched out.

Losing weight or sleeping on one side of the body is also a possible solution to stop snoring according to NHS. They continued by saying that if the snoring affects someone who lives in the same room with you then consider asking them to use earplugs!