How to Boost Your Website at Next Level with Off Page SEO


This article will help you to take your Off-Site SEO to the next big level.
Off Page Optimization Starts here
⦁    Social Networking Sites: 
Social Networking account is not only helping them to earn a many numbers of backlinks to their actual site but also increasing their domain authority.


All you have to do is participating actively on various social media platforms and regularly providing fresh, interesting content to attract traffic to your site.

⦁    Social Bookmarking: Slash dot is most popular social media bookmarking site and boost traffic of website.

The backlinks achieved from these sites matter a lot for Off-Page search engine optimization.
  Few Social Media Bookmarking sites are below:
⦁    StumbleUpon
⦁    Delicious
⦁    Digg
⦁    Diggo
⦁    Reddit

⦁    Question & Answer:

You can also utilize these questions and answers websites for your Off-Page SEO:

⦁    Yahoo Answers
⦁    Reddit
⦁    Blurtit

⦁    Blog Comments: Blog comments help you to connect with influencers and other bloggers of your niche

⦁    Resource Page Link Building: A resource page is simply a page on a website that lists helpful links and resource for a particular topic. For example, a food blog about pulao might have a resource page dedicated to pulao recipes.

⦁    Guest Blogging

⦁    Get Your Competitor’s Backlinks

⦁    Web 2.0 Submissions

⦁    Video Submissions


My favorite Video platforms are listed here:
⦁    YouTube
⦁    Facebook
⦁    Vimeo
⦁    Vine
⦁    Dailymotion
⦁    Stupidvideos
⦁    Metacafe

⦁    Image Submission:
Use these great platforms for image submissions and remember to optimize your images with your targeted keywords in tags and description.
⦁    Facebook
⦁    Instagram
⦁    Flickr
⦁    Tumblr
⦁    Imgur
⦁    Imageshack
⦁    Photobucket
⦁    Shutterfly

⦁    Infographic Submission
⦁    Broken Link Building: Broken link building is the favor you do for the owner of a website and in return of this favor, you can earn backlinks to your site.
⦁    Forum submission: Forums are great platforms to make relationships with the experts in your niche. Join such forums and start conversations there.