10 Fireworks Safety Tips to have Safer Celebrations


Fireworks are considered to be the vital part of any celebrations, special occasions etc., Diwali is up within few months, and this is the right time to know about the fireworks and other details regarding them to have a safer Diwali.

People nowadays prefer crackers online shopping rather than going and getting from a shop or from the manufacturers. Wherever you get the fireworks, it's necessary to check whether you are getting the excellent quality crackers to have a colourful and safe Diwali.


Fireworks Safety Tips from National Council

Today we will check for the different fireworks safety tips you need to follow for enjoying the celebrations or any special occasion in an efficient way. National Council has illustrated some essential safety tips over the Firecrackers and here are some of them.

Local Laws: One should follow the rules and regulations as per their state so that it's easy to avoid unnecessary accidents or burning.

Know before use: It’s mandatory to check out the labels and other usages of instructions before you ignite the crackers so that you can be safe from any injuries or burns.

Adult Supervision: One should not leave their child alone when firing crackers, an adult should supervise the child, check their activities, how they are shooting, whether they are making use of the crackers in the right way etc. so that there are no chances for severe injuries in children.

No to Alcohol: If you are going to ignite fireworks then you should be careful that you do not mix up both firecrackers and alcohol.

Safety Glasses: One should wear safety glasses when shooting crackers to prevent their eyes and also to reduce the eye injuries.

Outdoors: You should burst crackers in any outdoor places, make sure you are not igniting it on any closed space or at indoors for avoiding the fire incidents.

One Fireworks at a time: Some people ignite two to three types of firecrackers at a time, but this should be avoided, make sure you burst only one firework at a time.

Dud Fireworks: If your ignited fireworks did not get burnt, you should not go near immediately and check for the crackers. Wait for about 20 to 30 minutes, and they put them over a bucket of sand or water.

Bucket of Water: It is essential you place a bucket of sand or water when igniting any type of fireworks.

No Crackers in your Pockets: Do not place fireworks in your pocket, you can put in over a glass or metal containers and take them when you need it.

No HomeMade Fireworks Experiments: Never Experiment with the homemade fireworks as there is no assurance that they are 100 % safe.

Report Explosives that are Illegal: If you find any illegal explosives, then you should immediately report them to the police department.

Don't Transport Fireworks: Transportation of Firecrackers are strictly prohibited by FAA regulations, so do not carry them from one place into another place primarily on public transport.

Pets: Pets are more afraid of the fireworks and therefore make sure you keep them safe in an interior room so that there would be no sound exposed, in some cases, they might run out so to identify them ensure you have put an identification tag so that you can find them easily wherever they go. Do not fire any crackers near them as there are high chances for them to get sick.  

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