JioPhone Monsoon Offers: Jio Phone 2 in Rs 501 Only


JioPhone Monsoon Hungama Offer:-

Reliance Jio is one of the leading company in india. Millions of people trust on Jio because of Reliance. Jio provide great offers to their Users. On Thursday, Reliance announced the launch of JioPhone 2 and the Jio Phone Monsoon Hungama Offer along with different other launches. Booking start for Jio Phone 2  from 15th August 2018. 

Jio Phone Hungama Offer Rs 501 Details

 JioPhone 2 price is set at Rs 2,999.  Jiophone Monsoon Hungama Offer you can get the JioPhone2 handset by paying only Rs 501.

Rs 501 Jio Phone Hungama Offer:

In this phone have advance features and specifications like the smartphones. As per new scheme, you can exchange your phone and get the new JioPhone 2 at just Rs 501. You don't need to payRS.  2,999.

How you can get Jio Phone Monsoon Hungama Offer:-

The handset will be available for online booking from 15th August 2018 . Jiophone Monsoon Hungama Offer was announced during the 41st Annual General Meeting .  you can easily exchange your old phone and get the new JioPhone 2 at just Rs 501.  Exchange your old Jio Phone and get Jio Phone 2 in Rs 501 only.