Change Your Link Building Strategy for Website Traffic


Link building is one of most important strategy to rank websites at the top of search engines. Some times you make links but not get result and nothing at all of value that links. Now in advance SEO you need to change your strategy for link building.

There are some steps that is very helpful for get more traffic on your website.

 1:  Analysis your few competitors’ URLs and their backlinks. Find the list of best backlinks website and use them.

 2: Use other search engine like DuckDuckGo, Bing.

3:  Use Question answers website like Quora.

4: Do some absolutely irregular and insane inquiries. It won't not be your thing, but rather a portion of our connection developers used to add a revile word to their hunts. We discovered some quite cool destinations that way.

5. Search social sites. Twitter’s Advanced Search and facebook search is very helpful for  lead you to some great content.

6. Follow the people on social media website like plurk, facebook, twitter and Google Plus.

7. Use promotional content for link building.

8. Update your blog regularly and interlink with your another blog.

9. Build your link on trusted site. Building links from trusted sites is one of the most important steps for your website domain authority.

10. Content Curation: is a content curation website where users can select a favorite topic to curate, publish and share to any social networks they prefer.

There are some other content curation website list.

  1. Ampower
  2. Mashable
  3. Popurls
  4. BuzzFeed
  5. Upworthy
  6. Lifehacker
  8. HuffingtonPost