Email Marketing 10 Tips To Grow Your Clickthrough Rate (CTR)


Every day we receive dozens (or even hundreds!) Of promotional emails. Increase the percentage of click is essential for email marketing strategies can bear fruit, but the truth is that in most cases these emails go through our inbox without pain or glory.

If you want to improve the CTR of your brand's emails, you 'll have to be clever and stand out from the competition. Do you want to know how? Do not miss these tips and best practices!

10 tips to grow your clickthrough rate

1. Do A / B tests with the subjects. To improve your CTR, the first thing you have to work on is the opening rate: after all, if a user does not open your email, it is impossible to click on the interior offer. And to get it, you should get your attention with a good matter. The A / B tests will allow you to try different formulas until you find what really works.

2. The good thing if brief twice good. When writing the body of the email, do not get up! The more concise the email, according to S logo design company , the easier it is for the recipient to click on the offer before getting bored and leaving. Another very useful trick is to start with the most important thing.

Includes options to share on social networks. Emails that include the option to share in a social network have 30% more clicks than those that do not include any. If there are 3 or more, this percentage goes up to 55%. And is that although your offer may not directly interest the recipient of the email, it is likely that your friends are interested.

4. Segment your databases. Segmentation helps to increase the percentage of clicks by avoiding disturbing users with irrelevant offers for them and offering them what really interests them. According to studies, using segmented databases in your email marketing allows you to obtain 18% more transactions, 24% more sales and 24% more income.

5. Segmenting your content . It is a logical consequence of the previous step: once you know who you are targeting, think about how you can offer value to them in a personalized way and you will increase your chances of hitting them.

6. Customize your emails . Thanks to the marketing automation, you can go a step further and introduce custom variables in your emails (not just the name!). Think about how you can use all the information you have about the client: history of purchases and downloads, satisfaction index, activity on your website, location, age, date of birth ...

7. Eliminate distractions . As with landing pages, emails must be free of items that may distract the recipient. Therefore, avoid including the navigation menu of your page or combine several different offers. The ideal in terms of CTR is that each email has a single objective and that it is very clear from the beginning.

9. Includes a postscript . The postscript is a very useful resource to reiterate an offer. In addition, it is an element that clearly stands out with respect to the body of the email, so it is easier for it to end up calling the attention of people who read the promotional emails above (that is, the majority).

10.  Create a sense of urgency . The sense of urgency is one of the oldest marketing tricks ... because it works! If the offers of your emails are only available for a limited time, users will have more incentives to click right now.10.) Make sure your emails are completely responsive . Most users look at their email from mobile phones, tablets and other devices, but you can not forget about laptops and desktop computers either. In short, to get a good CTR you need the design of your emails to work perfectly and be attractive on screens of all sizes.


Mordan Sean:

The author of above content is a professional digital marketing who has assisted many brands in increasing their ROI. Currently, he is associated with SK Web Designing Solutions one of the leading logo design companies provider in the United States.