15 digital neuromarketing techniques to sell more


Did you know that ... buying decisions on the internet are made in just 5 seconds? There are many unconscious factors in consumer behavior, and digital neuromarketing takes advantage of them to sell more and better.
Today, neuroscience knows much more about the decision-making process, for example, we know which areas of the brain are activated by performing different actions. The digital neuromarketing translates all this information into simple techniques that can help us conquer our potential audience to sell more. We will see 15 of them that you can put into practice on your website or ecommerce.


Digital neuromarketing: the importance of social proof
In the early stages of the conversion funnel , what we seek is to gain the trust of potential customers and consider us as a solid shopping alternative. To achieve this, digital neuromarketing has developed several techniques that take advantage of the potential of the opinion of others, also known as "social proof". After all, we are social animals and we tend to trust other people's criteria. Let's see some of these techniques:

Put testimonials on our website . The testimonies of users (if possible, accompanied by a photo) are an automatic quality mark. They connect with potential consumers very easily, since they are written in a natural language and not "marketiniano". Let’s suppose you are running an ecommerce brand where you provide sofa repair in Dubai. You can choose to put them on the page of the product or service to which they refer or create a page especially for this content. The second option does not usually bring many visitors, but in return it can be very good for SEO.

Show the number of actions in social media. If when you enter an article you see that it has been shared hundreds of times, instinctively you will think it is good. It is one more example of social proof: "if many people think it is interesting, it must be true". Of course, beware of putting social media buttons if the numbers are not going to be high.
Include reviews with stars on our website. Few things give confidence faster than a five-star chart. It is a visual element that attracts attention at first sight and shows that there are already many users who have trusted us. Also, if you correctly tag your page, the stars will be displayed on the Google results page.
Show the logos of your customers on the web. This shows both experience and quality. In digital neuromarketing, it is called "halo effect": the positive impression that the client has of these marks is automatically transferred to yours.
Talk about studies and statistics. The figures and objective data are very convincing, especially if what is behind is the opinion of an expert or other users. Do you remember the mythical "9 out of 10 dentists recommend gum without sugar"?
Include press dossiers That is, create a page on your website by collecting articles and opinions about your products and services that have been published in the media. And if you've been on TV, even better!


How to use digital neuromarketing for a more efficient design
One of the best digital neuromarketing nurseries in Abu Dhabi corroborates the old saying that "an image is worth a thousand words". These four simple tricks will help you sell more through the design of your page:
Take into account the movement of the eyes. When a user confronts a web page for the first time, it does not read it from top to bottom, but rather the eyes scan it through a series of patterns. For example, the area of ​​most attention is the top left, so place the most relevant information there.
Find the simplicity of use. The easier you put it to the user to browse your website, the more likely it is that you end up buying.
Avoid disruptive advertising. In recent years, ad blockers have become very popular for a good reason: users are fed up with invasive ads. So if you want to sell more, remove the ads and make navigation easier.
Choose colors accurately. Use color to make certain elements stand out from the background, for example, the main image of your product or the call to action. If you combine this technique of digital neuromarketing with the patterns of eye movement, you will guess for sure.
Digital Neuromarketing to sell more
Finally, let's see what digital neuromarketing techniques can help us when closing a purchase :
Choose the prices strategically . One of the most universal neuromarketing techniques are the prices ending in .95 or .99. But it is also interesting to include at some point the word "free", use odd numbers and create price plans to choose from (three is usually the key figure).
Prioritize the absolute figures against the percentages. Between "20 euros discount" and "20% discount", users usually perceive the first one as having a higher value, even if the actual amount is less than the other.
Offer free samples and samples. A principle of digital neuromarketing is what is known as "aversion to loss". That is, we prefer to pay to keep something that we already have to acquire something new. By offering a free trial, brands take advantage of this principle by making the user hook up first and only have to pay later.
Create limited offers. The limited offers and the products sold out (or about to do so), generate in the consumer an urge to buy YA. A great example of using this technique is the Groupon page, which offers discount vouchers for different activities for a limited time and includes a "countdown" to encourage the user to take advantage of them.
Reduce the fear of paying. According to the latest studies in digital neuromarketing, the idea of ​​paying creates anxiety in users. Therefore, it is more effective to replace the word "buy" with other more neutral options such as "add to cart". 

Kazim Raza is a Digital Marketing specialist @ Nursery in Abu Dhabi & Furniture Upholstery Dubai and Search Engine Analyst who love socializing and playing soccer. One of his target is to guide people how to earn a living via online marketing. He says that there is a proper method to do this, and once you learn what that is, you become unstoppable.