Why Social Media Is The Best Customer Service Tool!


Social media is traditionally somewhere that you can make sales but it's also used as a relationship building tool too. You can get your personality out there to a wide audience of existing and potential consumers, have a bit of fun with it but give out consistent messages all the time. Traditionally, social media pages such as Facebook have always referred people to a customer service centre, either phone number or email, to deal with customer service queries but there are a few reasons that using your Facebook page and social media outlets as a customer service tool is one of the best things you can do for your business. 
Action is immediate. 
People are really, REALLY vocal about any gripes that they have with your service and a Facebook or Instagram page gives an angry customer the perfecta audience to voice their opinions to. Using social media means that you can follow-up with any issues immediately before too much damage is done. It also shows your other followers quite publicly that you'll take any action you need to in order to solve customer service issues in a timely manner.
Because action is immediate, this works both ways. Once you've resolved the problem, while your customer is still satisfied with your immediate resolution, you can ask them to leave a review or share your page with their followers. Getting someone to write a review before they've had chance for their mood to change is extremely effective and is guaranteed to get you five out of five stars.


It's cheap. 
Without having to put in extra phone lines or complex customer service systems, you have everything you need on the end of a webpage. It's advisable to put your own measuring and response tools in place for staff performance but Facebook customer service is one of the cheapest ways you can keep your customers happy. This is the ultimate reason to why social media is the best customer service tool!
Shows your personality.
Social media is a bit less formal than other methods of communication so you can get the personality of your brand out there a bit more through Facebook and Instagram. Being helpful and resolving issues publicly means you can put kisses on your messages (where appropriate), use humour to create engagement and build up more of a relationship with your customer.

Customer expectation.
Basically customers expect it now. When people have a problem the first place they go to is your Facebook or Instagram page because they know that someone is getting notifications on their phone 24-7. People don't want to sit in a call centre queue waiting for someone to pick up the phone, they want answers there and then and they know that a couple of stern words on a public Facebook or Instagram timeline will get them a resolution quick smart.