How You Can Improve Your PPC Report for Client?


To genrate a PPC report is very complicated. First thing we should know what client want and what we provided. The Report provide monthly, weekly and quarterly cycles can become routine, automated processes. To improve our reporting system, templates and method we should need a take hard step. A strong and succesful relationship built with client on trust. Trust on client always built how success is defined, measured and communicated. Communication is very important for making trust over client with reporting.

1. Be Honest & Sharing Performanance:- If you share real data about conversion and how much time you work and what strategy you used.

2. Make a Report in Specific Way:- Use high level content in details like ad groups, ads, and keywords will keep your client engaged.

3. Set a Goal: First start with impression, clicks and conversion then Check CTR. Clients Priorty is ROI and ROAS. 

4. Convert lead into conversion: Use remarketing to convert your lead into conversion. You can get valuable feedback from client side and managing the campaign in real time. Some of client main motive is lead and engagement. Get the data as quick as possible by analysis.

5. Ad Performanance: If you focus on conversions and you dont focus on campaigns, ad groups, or keywords are focused on last-click attributed conversions, then be sure to segment your report accordingly.