5 Lead-Generation Tools to increase your result in 2018


We've broken this list of tools into categories that will perfectly fit in your lead generation strategy.  Here are some of the most effective tools your team can use to implement a cost effective and rewarding lead generation.
These Lead-Generation tools help to collect data on your prospects such as who visited your site or contact information so that you can follow up/reach out to potential prospects.
⦁    Leadformly:
Not getting enough qualified leads from your website? With Leadformly’s intelligent & interactive forms, you could be capturing 2-3X more leads today.


⦁    Intercom Acquire: 
Catch, convert and keep more customers with Intercom     Acquire. Modern messaging products for sales, marketing and support – all on the first platform made with customers in mind.
⦁    Lead Forensics:
 Lead Forensics are B2B software for a turbo-charged lead generation. Identify B2B sales leads you never knew you had.


Identify leads in real-time:

⦁    Business Name
⦁    Contact Information
⦁    Demographics
⦁    Search Behaviour
⦁    Financial Data

Focus sales on the hottest leads:

⦁    Lead score on multi-criteria
⦁    Auto-assign leads
⦁    Trigger instant notifications
⦁    Flag your ‘dream’ customers
⦁    Customise your portal

Maximise sales & marketing ROI:

⦁    Convert anonymous traffic into leads
⦁    Measure from first click to sale
⦁    Go beyond analytics – truly measure digital ROI

⦁    Active Campaign:
Discover Lead Generation of what each contact wants and deliver the most effective message to convert them from visitors, to leads, to customers, to advocates.

Your valuable customer data will be organized and active. Automatically consolidate your communication and use sales automation to drive deals forward.

⦁    LinkedIn Sales Navigator: 
LinkedIn’s best B2B sales techniques and tips
Get the latest resources of Lead Generationto enhance your B2B sales strategy. Find great examples on how to use social selling to transform the way you sell. These sales tips and sales techniques are geared toward making you more successful.