How to Monetize YouTube Videos with Adsense?


Making YouTube Videos In Today's Day, there has been a tremendous platform for online entrepreneurs. YouTube is the world's largest search engine, Google's own video website, where millions of people share their videos and millions of others watch those videos.

A few years ago, YouTube's madness was not as common as people today. Slowly, the speed of internet in India is also increasing, due to which video streaming users are also increasing day by day. Just as the users of YouTube are increasingly moving, YouTuber's counting is also increasing.

Why YouTube New Policy Rules are Applied?

There are so many people today who have fulfilled all their dreams with the lack of YouTube. YouTube started the YouTube Partner Program / Monetization in 2007 and also created some rules for YouTube Creators. But now many of his policies have changed in 2017.

Let YouTube know why such new rules have to be applied to their creators -

1) The most money-spending companies on YouTube left YouTube. This was because YouTube's Video did not have any correct way to Video Monetization, which is called Advertiser Friendly. Ads were run on whatever video was, and YouTube did not even delete those videos. Due to which the big advertisers of the world stopped advertising on YouTube.
2) A lot of new creators would only publish others' videos and then publish it again to their YouTube channel and even then their videos were not removed. Causing that Original Creator to be lost, and Advertiser was unable to find the right users for their Ads.

What are YouTube New Policy Rules?

When big companies of the world boycotted with YouTube, YouTube understood little then that YouTube New Policy Rules will now have to be brought. After that YouTube has made a lot of changes to YouTube's Creators and Monetize Policy since June 2017. Let's know what are the changes?

1) You can do Adsense monetization on the video of a new YouTube channel only if the views of all the videos in your channel get 10000. After that you have to apply to place adsense ads on YouTube.
2) Downloading any other YouTube channel and publishing it to your channel suspends your YouTube Channel.
3) Earlier if a YouTube Creator saw that someone's video was copied, he could report it to YouTube. But now anybody can report to YouTube for the videos being copied.
4) You may also Suspend Your YouTube Channel by using the wrong words and things.
5) When you earn $ 10 on Adsense on your YouTube Channel, Adsense sends a Verification PIN to the address given on your Google Profile, which you have to do online confirmation.
6) If you have a sudden high CTR on your Videos Ads, such as more than 20%, your YouTube Channel may still be Suspend.
7) The biggest thing is that it is very important for your video to be Advertiser Friendly because without it your Videos Ads will run.
8) Another new thing is that now a demo / preview for YouTube videos on YouTube can be viewed for 3 seconds. This will show whether the video has the right content or not.

How to Connect Adsense with YouTube Channel?

1) First upload videos that are becoming popular with your new YouTube channel first. This will get you more views as quickly as possible on your channel and will get 10000 views on your new YouTube channel.
2) After the 10000 (10K) Views, click on Monetization on the left in your YouTube Creator Dashboard first.
3) Then Accept the YouTube Partner Program Terms & Conditions
4) After that, sign up for Adsense Account and submit your PAN, Mobile Number, and Address correctly in Settings.
5) Then go to Settlement Preferences and tell YouTube which ads will be fine for your YouTube channel.
6) Then wait for Approval. After a few days you will get Approval and your Adsense Monetization Start in your Video.