What is Android Q and whats new in Android Q?


Android Pie is still rolling out, but even then we are looking forward to the Android Q - and very soon the new Android version of Android is also coming up, along with many new features. So do you know what this Android Q is and what new features are going to come in.

Where we may not even know about its name yet but know about the new features in it. That's because Google has released the beta version of Android Q. Yet many features are still rumors, so do not consider these features completely final.

In 2019, mobile innovation has become more powerful than ever before, where new technologies such as 5G, edge to edge displays and even foldable screens have come to the public. In such a situation, Andorid is in the center of this innovation cycle, and many of those ecosystem partners, who are using Android in their billions of devices on the side of OS.

At the same time, Android is now helping everyone, by breaking the boundaries of hardware and software and providing new experiences and capabilities to users.
As the mobile ecosystem is being evolve, Android is also focusing on helping users with their latest innovations, they have the security and privacy of top priority users. That's why Google becomes such a new Android OS every year, like this is going to create Andorid Q this time. In this too many new features have been added, about which we are going to know ahead.

Android Q; Google's latest Mobile Os is not yet released yet. After the Android P, many new features have been added to it, and in addition to the safety and security of users, new safety features have also been installed in it.

Before release, its beta version has been released, so that users can help Google find bugs by using it and if there is a need for new features then they can also include it. Along with this I have provided information about all the features. So read the article without skiping anything.


After a lot of rumors and leaks, the first Android Q beta has finally arrived, that means you can experience this early version, but note that there will be some bugs and issues that you have to deal with.

If you are interested in it, then you can go directly to the Android Beta Program website, log in from your Google Account, then choose the phone in which you want to enroll, and then you will get an over-the-air update. In your Pixel device that will allow you to download and install Andorid Q Beta.

What are the features of Andorid Q? 
Here we are going to give you information about some of the new features of Andorid Q which you will be looking forward to in Google's next-gen mobile operating system. Then let's start again.

Better Permissions Controls
We will see a lot of changes in Android 10 Q Too many permissions controls have been revamped in Android 10 Q Now Andorid Q users have better control, especially when the thing is to control the location data.
Now in the Android Q, apps need to use system file picker, which will allow users to decide which files and photos apps can access, without access to apps, just above the full files.

Supporting Foldable Phones
Android has immediately adopted the foldable phone trend. It was in this story that Google was working on how natively support foldables should be used in Andorid, and now this support is coming in Android 10 Q.

Faster sharing
The sharing feature in Andorid was always very slow - and Google had also confirmed that he was also doing his job in this matter, a few months ago.Now in the Android Q, "Google Sharing Shortcuts" has been added, which will help the users to jump directly into the app so that they can share any content, such as a file or photo. You can share directly by removing the -to-load sharing menu.

Built-in screen recording

It was one of the most requested features by Android, built-in screen recording, it's now live in Android's first beta update.
Well it is a bit tricky to enable, because this developer is within the option, but it is functional and it allows you to natively record a screen of your screen, along with an optional voiceover and visual indicators too. Is doing the taps in the screen. Well this is going to be fully implemented now in user-friendly manner but for that we have to wait for final update.

HDR10+ Support
Google is now preparing support for HDR10 +, which can be done directly in the Android operating system - this means that we will now have a better quality video capture regardless of why you are not using any app.At the same time, Android is also getting support for the AV1 video codec, this helps media providers to make them a high quality video stream in Android phones.

Which Android device is going to be available?
While some people are worried about the name of this new Andorid Q, some are worried about whether this new update is also going to be available in their smartphones.
Typically, if seen in all premium phones and in some midranger phones, there are two major OS upgrades in their lifetime interval, we have just seen that OnePlus also has the third major upgrade in both models OnePlus 3 and 3T Thought is to give. OG Pixels are participating in Android Q beta, which is the third major OS upgrade.

For now, if your current device is suitable for getting this update, do not know whether or not you have one of the premium smartphones in which the Android Oreo was already preinstalled, such as Galaxy S9, LG G7, Sony Xperia XZ2, Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S etc. Then they are seeing very much chances of getting this update.
If there is a premium, midrange or even a budget phone in which the Android 9 Pie was pre-installed, then there is a lot of potential for this update. But this thing has not yet been fully official.

Android Q is going to release?
If you want to know about the release date of the Android Q, it is about to be released in early August 2019. This would be the same time when Android 9 Pie was released last year if you remember then. Well its beta version is available on the internet.