5 hobbies to Make Your Brain Work Smarter


You probably spend a good amount of hours every week for workout, weight training or even jogging. You are brilliantly training your muscles to become strong and your body runs optimally.  

Most of you have a habit of living life having a fixed routine. And you might feel there is a good reason behind it.

•    It simplifies life.

•    You have to take fewer decisions.

•    It performs mental tasks like driving a car easier.

This results in very little brain stimulation. When your body becomes lethargic, your brain starts getting sluggish. Proactively shake your brain

Brain training is not a new thing. It is something that helps you retain information, recall facts and focus better. Do you know that a brief brain exercise performed everyday can help people enhance their reasoning skills? Hey, that’s true!

Take note of a few deliberate hobby brain exercises so that it doesn’t have to be another item on the to-do list:

1) Read anything you like

Reading is a lot more than only a pleasant pastime.

Whether you are a comic book lover or reader digest lover, reading enhances the brain function in different areas. Reading has plenty of benefits regardless of the genre. Reading is a stress reliever reducing 69% of the stress while making you feel better. Crystalized, fluid and emotional intelligence is improved when you make reading a habit.  It sharpens comprehension, helps the mind to focus and enhances vocabulary.

2) Learn a new language

If you wish to improve your analytical skills, learn a new language. Also being bilingual looks great on your resume. The best thing is that researches show that bilingual people work differently than single-language speakers. Plus you can ward off dementia as learning a new language makes you more perceptive.

3) Exercise your brain with puzzle games

Do you know that more than 150 million people play games in the US on a regular basis or atleast 3 hours per week?

Your brain is your computer and muscle. The more information it has, the better it performs. Play puzzle games online to gain new information, enhance vocabulary and improve your cognitive skills. Crossword is a brain training game that safeguards against memory loss or cognitive disorders.

4) Play a musical instrument

When you learn to play a new musical instrument, certain brain part is stimulated as the notes are memorized. When you feel the music, your brain enjoys it. It helps develop motor skills making your brain younger. It does wonders for the creative side of the brain.

5) Cook different meals

If you feel cooking only means preparing food, you are absolutely wrong. Cooking is a unique hobby that will not only make you smarter but also healthier. When you plan your meal as per your preference, you unleash the innovativeness that you have within you. You learn a new recipe and try to remember the ingredients and procedure. Cooking also helps you boost your concentration power as you give more attention to the smallest of the details.

Put into action

Don’t believe the myth that hobbies are only there to kill your boredom. They help make you smarter as they have the ability to stimulate your brain.