Prime Minister Narendra Modi Movie Release Date, Cast and Storyline


A filmmaker from Bihar has made a film on the agenda of "Modi's Village" and his development. Filmmaker and co-director Suresh Jha said that the shooting of the film "Modi's Village " has been completed for 2 hours and 15 minutes and its post-production is in progress. Jha said that this film is not a biopic, its mega premiere is planned. The film is expected to be released in cinemas and a big hit within a few months. Modi's role in the movie, a commercial development of Mumbai, Mahantay played the role of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

StoryLine of "Modi Village Movie"

The budget of the movie is not very much and TV actor Chandramani M. and Zoe A will appear in the film's important role. Jha told that Jabba flows into a severe flood in Bihar, but it was rescued by an NGO and sent to the United States for study. Jha said, "In the US, he understood the dream of Modi's vision of developing his work and the nation. She came back to be inspired by that, which made the film. "Most of the shoots in the film have happened in Patna, Darbhanga and Mumbai. Jha told that the musician Manojanand Chaudhary composed 7 songs in the film. This film is Tusshar A. Co-directed by Goyal

Significantly, while addressing the Sansabha in the inauguration ceremony of Amul Chees Plant at Banaskantha in Gujarat, PM Modi said, "I have said from the very beginning that it is not a general decision. It's full of difficulties. This is a tough decision and I have said that many hardships and problems will be faced. "Referring to the hardships faced by the people about the ban, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday (December 10th) warned that the day ahead was difficult But after 50 days the conditions will gradually become normal. While criticizing the Opposition for interference in Parliament, the Prime Minister said that he is being forced to speak in the public meeting because he is not being allowed to speak in the Lok Sabha.