Train Your Brain with Top 7 Memory Teaser Games 2019


From outdoor to online games, individuals young and old alike have been looking forward for ways to test their mind and improve their mental functioning while preventing aging.
These amazing games help to improve your memory, response time and logic skills, giving your mind the workout it often needs. 
Sudoku is a popular number or word game that tests your memory. To complete the game successfully, you have to follow trails of consequences. The planning involved in the game helps you improve short term memory.
You shall start with the basic game as the beginner and later increase the level of difficulty. You should go for online games rather than the paper/pencil format. You are likely to do a lot of learning while you play Sudoku. 
One of the most developed brain training and mental fitness websites. Register yourself for the free account. You can choose the offer of three games every day or the subscription service. Keep track of your results and improvement. 
With this game, you will feel you are challenging your mind and your scores are improving along the way. More importantly, the fun brain training and mental fitness games are backed by science. 


My Brain Trainer
The ‘online brain gym’ has the similar format as Lumosity. Though there is a three-month subscription that costs the same as a month on the other devices. The annual subscription is a great deal. If you are on a tight budget, the challenge can be tried for free. This game is worth checking out!
This website has innumerable games and other challenges designed to make your mental fitness better. The website has 10 minutes of brain training programme, claiming to improve your mental speed. 
Online Crosswords
They are the classic brain teasers, accessing not only verbal language but also mind from different dimension of knowledge. Pick the best online crossword game website that offers a broad spectrum of diverse puzzle games. The Guardian, Wealth Words, NY Times Crosswords are the most popular   
There are few online crossword games that help you win real money side by side. Submit your answers and you may get huge cash prizes if your answers are correct.
Claiming to store the largest collection of mind games, this website has more than 10,000 puzzle games having an online community of enthusiasts. The best part is, you can also create your self-made puzzle to give your brain a super workout. 
The free website has thousands of personality tests and surveys. Queendom also has an extensive collection of ‘brain tools’ inclusive of mind-stretchers, trivia quizzes and aptitude tests for you to sharpen your brain. 


Brain Age 2
The brain training and mental fitness system for the Nintendo DS system put forth variety of games to hone your concentration, memory, calculation and other skills. Keep tracking your progress side by side. It is fun and challenging both. 
Playful adults can transform every situation, even the most stressful ones into something entertaining. Enhance mental skills as you play the above mentioned free online mind games this year.