Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) Skills are Essential for Your Professional Career Success. Read This to Find Out Why!!!


In this digital world, the internet has brought a huge crowd at one place due to high data availability but at the same time it is also giving intensified opportunities for hackers to steal the information. Intruders are implementing multiple malicious software for disrupting the client’s environment and involved in hacking confidential data. Thus, SECURITY has become a trendy topic and sounding more across the IT industries. MNCs have also faced financial troubles and high data loss due to security threats. If you want to deal with data breaches efficiently, then you should know how to kickoff hacker operations. This could be achieved by learning ETHICAL HACKING tools and techniques.


The need for a certified ethical hacker or security analyst is robustly growing worldwide. Thus, learning the most advanced concepts of CEH ensures advanced hacking concepts will surely give you the best career path in the desired field. A certified ethical hacker can detect the vulnerabilities of a system and also implements counters for preventing future attacks.

What Else can an Ethical Hacker Do?

  • Information is the major asset for any organization. If the information is not maintained and secured properly then the organization might be at risk of data loss. Thus, protecting the data and ensure network safety is the primary task for an Ethical Hacker.

  • An ethical hacker can detect a malicious attack from an unknown source

  • Can implement countermeasures to evade any kind of security breaches

  • An ethical hacker can ensure a secured network by doing continuous network monitoring activities

  • Updates security policies and procedures

  • Works closely with IT developers to guide on security needs

These are the major drivers for why the demand for an ethical hacker is growing in the industry. Ethical hackers can work with both government and private firms for testing and protecting their network and information systems respectively. In this connected world, as organizations are in fear of intruder attacks, the demand for a certified ethical hacking professional is on the rise.  MNCs such as Wipro, IBM, Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra, HCL, and telecom companies like Airtel, Reliance and etc., are also looking for good ethical hackers.

What Skills You Required to Become an Ethical Hacker?

Command on C++, C#, Perl, Ruby and Python programming languages is required to better understand the CEH technical concepts. In addition, knowledge of .NET and PHP web applications is also needed. You must know various operating systems. Further, you should also have a basic knowledge of TCP/IP protocols such as HTTP, SMTP and ICMP. On the hardware side, you must know network devices like switches, routers, and firewalls.


Later, learning a certification course from code analyzing to dealing with cyber threats is also mandatory. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and EC-Council’s Certified Secure Programmer (ECSP), GIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification) Penetration Tester (GPEN), Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) are few of the certification courses that you can pursue.

If you loaded with this kind of ethical hacking skills, you will be surely positioned with any cybersecurity designation. And according to my research, the average salary of an ethical hacker is depicted below:

  • Beginners/professionals (0Yrs <= 5 Yrs of experience)→  Range between $50,000 & $100,000

  • The CEH professionals (5 Yrs to 10 Yrs experience)→ From $100,000 -to- $120,000

  • The CEH professionals (>=10 Yrs of work experience)→ Over $120,000

However, based on designation, skills and knowledge, and experience average annual pay-scale will also be varied accordingly:

  • Cyber Security Analyst – $48,000 - $118,990

  • Security Engineer – $56,000 - $132,537

  • Information Security Analyst – $48,520 - $107,004

  • Forensics Computer Analyst – $42,680 - $118,615

  • Penetration Tester – $50,850 - $127,713

  • Information Security Manager–$73,250-$153,163

  • Network Security Analyst – $41,360 - $106,829

Evolution of Cloud Witness More Demand for Ethical Hackers

Transmission and storage of information towards Cloud are growing since the past few years. This transition to the cloud has increased the cyber-attacks and thus, the demand for ethical hackers as well. Since the evolution of cloud computing, security has been a major concern stood in front of all businesses. To avail the cloud and virtualization benefits without breaking the security, enterprises need to go hire ethical hackers. Ethical hackers will implement hacking strategies every day to overcome the risk associated with security breaches.

This is another significant reason behind the high demand for ethical hackers in today’s business world.


It is proved that cyber attacks have witnessed a growing demand for CEH professional. To make sure the information systems of an enterprise are not prone to any threats, the company needs an ethical hacker. Currently, the organizations are recruiting an increased number of ethical hackers into their teams compared to the last few years. Thus, learn ethical hacking skills, get globally recognized cybersecurity certifications and build your career in the Ethical hacking.