Check Out 19 Tips to Make the Most of Technology


Technology has a lot of interesting stuff, right? So much so that who knows a lot on the subject, does not know everything that can do on the cell phone, Wi-Fi, social networks and more! So I've separated some technology tips that everyone needs to know! Look that?


1. Brightness

Did you know that the cell phone screen is the component that spends the most energy? So, if you're looking to save battery power, it's best to reduce the brightness of the screen and not leave it in the automatic mode, okay?

2. Airplane Mode

If you need to save battery or want to charge the device as fast as possible, airplane mode can help! As it turns off all connections, your smartphone does not go looking for a 3G network, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and this makes the battery last longer or load faster!

3. Warm up

People, heat and battery do not match! High temperatures can ruin the battery, cause permanent damage and, in severe cases, explode and catch fire. So, do not leave your cell phone in the sun when you're on the beach or using GPS.

And if you feel that the device is heating up a lot while you use it, turn off the phone and let it rest for a while. It's also a good idea to take off the protective hood when you charge the battery, see?

4. Neither 0% nor 100%

Older cellphones had a battery addiction problem, which meant that the charge did not last long if the device had been plugged into the power socket for a long time. Nowadays, we no longer have this problem, but it does not mean that we do not have to take some care.

In the most modern batteries, the ideal is to leave the load between 20% and 80%. That's because every time the battery reaches 0% or 100% it's as if it's starting a new charge cycle and these cycles are limited, so if you always leave your smartphone at 100% or let the battery run out, its battery life decreases.

5. Save

Changed your cell phone and want to save the old one for emergencies? The tip here is to never leave the battery fully discharged. Ideally, you store your battery with about 40% or 50% of the charge. Do you know why? Empty batteries that have been stored for a long time become unstable and may even cause explosions. In addition, it usually loses 5% to 10% of energy each month that is stopped.


6. Old equipment

We used to change phones and even computers with a certain frequency, right? The problem is that we do not usually do this with the router and often your Wi-Fi signal is bad because the equipment is too old.

What happens is that the types of network connection evolve and if you have a very recent phone, a super internet connection, but with a very old router, the two devices will not be able to connect right and your router will not to be able to transmit all the internet that you are receiving.

7. Location

The place where you install your router can make all the difference in time to spread the signal around the house. The ideal is to stay in the center of the environment and in a high place. In addition, equipment such as cordless phones and microwaves can cause interference in the signal, so avoid leaving it near the router.

8. Scope

There are a few ways you can improve the reach of the Wi-Fi network. You can use a signal repeater, which connects to your network and spreads the signal through the environment, for example. You can also use a Powerline, which is a device that uses the power of your home to spread the signal. The cool thing is that it is ideal for very large environments or in homes with more than one floor.

9. Restart frequently

Because the router usually heats up, it may have some latches on the system that end up causing connection problems. The best way to solve this is to restart the device from time to time and even leave it off for a short time.


10. Cloud

Having memory left over on your phone or computer is not always easy. There are so many photos, music, videos, applications and files, that there is little space for more things. The tip is to use a cloud storage service. In it you can save all your documents and the legal is that you can access from anywhere, because everything is saved online.

11. WhatsApp

It may not look like it, but WhatsApp takes up a lot of space on your phone. The tip is to always clean the conversations and erase the older ones. Also, take the time to delete the received photos and videos; you will realize that it will free up a good memory space!

12. Cleaning

Since you did the cleanup on WhatsApp, how about doing that cleanup on the cellphone too? Delete apps you do not use, repeat photos, songs you do not listen to, and heavy videos.

You may also reboot your mobile. When you turn the power off and on, it takes time to make some corrections to the system and delete temporary files that take up space.

Mobile Internet

13. Avoid audios

If you are wanting to save on the mobile internet, the recommendation is to avoid audio messages! Prefer written messages or SMS and avoid being sent audio messages or video calls. You could end up spending at least 3MB for 5 minutes of audio and 20MB for 5 minutes of video call, did you see?

14. Background

Some applications consume data even when they are not active, such as social networks and email - they keep using the internet so you can receive notifications. To avoid this, see what apps are active in the background and how much they are spending on the internet.

On the iPhone, go to "Settings", "General" and "Update in the background"; now you just have to choose those who can only access the internet while they are being used. If you want to see how much each app consumes, go to "Mobile", there under "Settings".

In Android, open “Settings", "Mobile data" and check "Data usage" option. You will see in detail how many megabytes or gigabytes you have already consumed and how much each application had to participate in that consumption. To disable the background update, just select an app.

15. Improve the signal

No signal? No need to worry, because there are some things you can do to improve the connection on the phone. To get started, find a good place to use the device. Indoors and with lots of people it is normal to have difficulty finding a cell phone signal. In addition, high places also tend to have a better signal because they do not have interference from trees and buildings.

And did you know that the hand you hold the phone can interfere with the signal? On newer devices, the antenna is inside the smartphone and your hand may cause interference! As the position of the antenna varies from device to device and you do not know exactly where it is, you can change the hand that is holding the phone to leave the antenna free. Curious, is not it?

16. Best operator

If you want to know which carrier works best in your region, you can use the SIMET Mobile application. It measures the signal quality and connection of the telephone operators and shows you which the best is.

As soon as you open the app, go to the menu and click on "Quality Map". You will see a list of available carriers. It may not be the carrier you're looking for, and that means that no application user has performed that carrier's quality test in that place, okay?


17. Password

When registering, do not put passwords that are easy to find, such as birthday dates, relative names, soccer teams, or number sequences, such as 1234. The harder the passwords are, the harder it is to find out! A good tip is to mix letters and numbers and also put some differential, such as a capital letter, for example. It is also very important not to use the same password on multiple sites. Try to have a different password for each new one and change your passwords regularly.

18. Purchases and banks

Look, when you enter a bank site or even buy products over the internet, see if you have a green padlock in the address bar or if the address starts with https. That means your information is secure, okay?

19. Email and WhatsApp

Always be wary of emails and messages sent by unknown senders and be careful when clicking on shared links on social networks and also by email, as they may have some type of virus.



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