Netflix Bard of Blood: Emraan Hashmi Becomes the Face


Emraan Hashmi will assume the lead job in Netflix's Bard of Blood. The Indian unique depends on a book of a similar name by Bilal Siddiqi and is being created by Shah Rukh Khan's Red Chillies Entertainment.

Netflix today reported the lead on-screen character for its upcoming series, Bard of Blood. Emraan Hashmi is good to go to star that depends on the book of a similar name by Bilal Siddiqi.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment is being produced Bard of Blood.

"The Bard of Blood" Book

If you are fond of Thriller books then a new book for you is going to be released soon. 20 year old Bilal Siddiqui's book "The Bard of Blood" is going to be published by Penguin India.

Kabir seems to be trying to save the country while facing his enemies in the book's story. This is Bilal's first novel.

Political espionage thriller based on "Bard of Blood," by Bilal Siddiqi.

Bard of Blood Details:-

Country:  India

Release Date:  2019 (India) 

Company Credits

Production Co:  Red Chillies Entertainment