Mobile Optimization for E-Commerce Website on Mobile Devices


Need to reduce the page weight

If your website page weight is too high and your page is loading very slow then this can be frustration for users.

Defer parsing of JavaScript

If we are using more JavaScript’s then this can be significantly slow down a page display, mainly when we are using external script.

Update your jQuery 1.12 or JavaScript’s

If your webpage uses jQuery 1.11.2 or using any old version then you should update to the latest version of jQuery 1.12, that can fix bug and security issues.

Don’t Use duplicate JavaScript’s on page

A library or an external script can be used once per page. It is common to see scripts used multiple times within the same page. If we are using social networks widgets then these type issues can be occur. 

Most modern web browsers download only once a script included 2 times. An exception persists: Firefox, which will load the resource as many times as mentioned if no effective caching policy is

Using Geo-location to find the nearest offline store

65% of multi-channel shoppers are reported to prefer using web for researching before making a purchase in person at a store.

Online retailers can use this to their advantage by using GPS information to direct a shopper to the nearest offline store as done on the Gap website.

Activating social logins and guest sessions

Many of users abandoned online purchases on mobile devices due to poor checkout experiences or poor web page loading speed. And many users leave the checkout process was too long because of poor mobile optimized.

For example, Wal-Mart’s website lets consumers place an order by continuing as a guest without having to register for an account.

You could even provide your consumers with a social log-in like “Login with Facebook” and “Login with Google”. Many E-commerce website prefer a Facebook login.

 Providing alternative mobile payment options

Many popular ecommerce website use alternative payment options such as PayPal, Google Wallet and MasterCard.

 Including social media share buttons

You could even use social media share buttons to easily share their favorite products with their family and friends to take a quick purchase decision.