Aquaman at BOX OFFICE, Total Earning in Five Days


Jason Momoua's film 'Aquaman Movie' has earned Rs. 39 crores since its release in India. 'Aquaman' has done business worth Rs 39.23 crore till December 18.

The Warner Bros. film was released on December 14, in India a week before its release in the US. This movie is released in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

The story of Aquaman

The story film revolves around the sea. The Keeper of a Light House in America, Thomas one day saved the life of Mallika Atalaya, a sea of ​​the state of the sea, who came out of her country during a storm in the sea. Both fall in love and their son Arthur is born. His son Arthur has the power to talk to the sea creatures. After some time the king of Atlantis gets the news of Atalena and he sends soldiers to arrest him. In such a situation, Atalana returns to her country for the sake of protecting her son and husband. He goes on giving responsibility to his son to his special advisor, Vulco.