Google Add New Features In Gmail Account : Upgrade Now


GOOGLE has just launch new services for Gmail users. In new Gmail look have biggest changes and you need to know how to use these new features. 

After many weeks Google finally announced Gmail Update.

Google is now going to help gmail users cope with the barrage of daily emails and there’s plenty of neat tricks to make sure an important mail never gets forgotten again.

If you want to upgrade your gmail then follow these steps:

To use all new features in Gmail, Simply Open your Gmail Account Inbox in your browser and click on  Settings in the top right and select option “Try the new Gmail".

Once you did that then now you can see new look of your Gmal account and here is the new features of Google.

Confidential Mode : - 

Using this features no one can copy, print and download this mail content when the email being forwarded.

This means an email can’t be opened without a unique text message being received and opened as well.

. GET A NUDGE: - We always mail from restaurants, insurance  and banks. But now gmail work on that user can manage thier inbox better and important mail may have not missed.


SPAM MAIL: - Some big and clever company hide the unsuscribe link in mail at the bottom of message, But now using artificial intelligence, unsubscribe suggestions will appear when emails you get from a sender and how many of them you actually read.