New Video Whatsapp Feature Increase Your Experience


Social media platforms continue to launch new features from time to time to make WhatsApp better for its users' experience. Because of these features, people like WhatsApp so much. Let us know that WhatsApp is now launching a new feature that is designed keeping in mind the convenience of users. Let us know that after coming to this feature, you can easily watch its video going to WhatsApp


According to the information, WhatsApp now can view the videos on the app directly from the notifications. With this feature coming to the user, users will not need to open an app to view the videos on the Whatsapp app and they will be able to play videos directly from the notifications. Let us tell you that so far when users were to watch videos coming to WhatsApp, they had to go inside the app to watch video notifications first, then you could access the video. But by doing this, their last scene is seen to the people, so that user privacy ends, but now it will not happen as new features will not require users to go inside the app.

This feature of WhatsApp will be given to iOS users first, in case if you run the iPhone then this feature will be seen first in your phone. This feature will not only save you time, but it also allows you to maintain your privacy.