Fraternize and Belong – Why Team Representation Is Important With a Logo


It is fascinating how a logo has such a trivial representation but it still upholds great levels of significance for brands, businesses, organizations and even sports teams. With a logo solely dedicated for your team, it can incorporate an essence of distinctiveness and uniqueness in your team’s identity. The formation of every team has manifested a deep-rooted meaning that they want to convey to their audience. Carrying your values and story, you can can incorporate the meaning of true sportsmanship and valor in a clan logo for your team.  

Here is why your logo is more than a gimmick:

Incorporates Professionalism

A logo design serves as the core visual identity of your team. Supposedly, if you set out to create a marketing campaign then without a clan logo it would become arduous for you to convey the values, vision and the mission of your team. The purpose of a logo is not only limited to being a static visual or symbol instead it evokes team spirit and allows your audience to connect with you on a spiritual level. Without a professional personality, you cannot build your team’s credibility in front of your fans. A visually appeal logo that shows great heights of commitment can even land your team acknowledgement from reliable sponsors.

Allows You to Gain Recognition

The main goal of every team is to have a memorable and recognizable identity. Popular brands and businesses do not take branding lightly. They spend most of their budget on forming a reputable identity and it certainly yields them the results they desire. Renowned brands such as Nike and Pepsi have used their efforts and dedicatedly worked to earn the stature that they have today. Sports or gaming teams are no different. If you want worldwide recognition and a fan base that stays loyal to you then you would have to make the most out of branding and digital marketing campaigns across various online channels.

Understanding the importance and purpose of logos is the primary step however, how would you carry out the creation of your logo design? This is what you need to know:

Finding the Right Design Concept

The most arduous step of the creation of a logo is to think of a design concept. For that, you have to conduct an extensive research and analyze the logo designs of your competitors. You might find a few shortcomings in their logos and in turn, it would allow you not to make the same mistake as them. With the right direction and research, you can compile your thoughts and brainstorm with your team about its visual representation. From the core principles of your team to its main message or motto, you have to bring these factors together in order to acquire a logo that speaks for your team.

Getting Help from a Professional

Once you have finalized the concept of your design, you can either create your logo yourself or get guidance from a professional designer. The recommended approach is to work with a professional designer as they are well versed about the notion of designing logos. Your team can collaborate with your chosen designer and with productive input, the creation process of your logo becomes easier as well. Hiring a graphic designer is not a feasible choice as a properly conducted research can lead you to several external designers that can render the same designing services at a cost effective price. Once you have acquired your logo, you can utilize it for promotional aspects, marketing and even on social media to establish a recognizable personality for your team.