9 Tricks To Score Discounts On Leisure This Holiday Season


The holiday season is coming. As a year-ender, you plan to get your reward for the hard work you put through at work. You’re looking forward to more days and nights eating out, drinking merrily, shopping til you drop, going on relaxing staycations, and basically indulging yourself. Besides, you’ve worked hard and saved up all year long, so you probably deserve a treat, right?


But just because tis the season to be jolly, doesn’t mean you’ll go broke on January. Your bank account isn’t a wide stream that never runs out.


Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to dine, drink, shop, and stay at hotels like a majesty, without burning holes in your pockets. You can get discounts on almost anything with these easy strategies.

  1. Buy coupons from voucher sites

Aside from paper coupons you always stock inside your wallet, discounts can also be availed online.


Credible coupon websites allow you to live your city for less.  They offer huge discounts on restaurants and bars, exciting activities, like leisure sports and fitness, spa, beauty, and wellness experiences. They also let you travel and unwind for less with slashed off prices on accommodation, day tours, and even airfare.


Just make sure to read the fine print to check the voucher validity, rules regarding weekends and holidays, required reservations, and other terms and conditions.


  1. Sign up for e-mail alerts

If you want to eat out on a fancy restaurant without breaking the bank, sign up for coupons and e-mail alerts from your top 10 favorite restaurants. If you show up on the promo period and bring any requirements, you can snag huge discounts and freebies on your favorite meal or drink.


If you’re looking to stay at hotels, sign up for alerts as well from booking sites. A cluttered inbox may be annoying, but if you get discounts on expensive items and experiences, it’s totally worth a little e-mail marketing.


  1. Sign up for membership cards

All good things come to those who are loyal. By signing up for a loyalty card, you may get access to a wide array of freebies and discounts that aren’t offered to ordinary customers.


A pizza brand, for instance, offers members free pizza on their birthday, buy one take one pizza, free pasta for every purchase of pizza, and 10% discount everytime they dine in, which members can avail all year long.


  1. Hunt for promos on social media

Follow your favorite dining places on their social pages and see if they have promos and discounts, and freebies. You can score amazing promotions, from buy one take one pizza for your house party to unlimited wine and draft beer for a relaxing weekend.


You can also subscribe to websites that feature dining places and give readers a heads up for cheap eats and discounts that are under the radar.



  1. Skip the store, shop online

If you know your size, can wait for days to weeks for delivery and don’t want to endure crowded malls, then shopping online is the best way to go. Many brick and mortar businesses offer online shoppers deep discounts and web deals, which they don’t usually offer in-store shoppers.


  1. Coupons, coupons, coupons

If you’re a savvy shopper, you can save money by searching the web for secret promotional or coupon codes. Launch your web browser, open your favorite search engine, and enter the retailer’s name and the terms “coupon code.”

7) Go to happy hour

Tired of convenience store bottled liquor? Taste signature bar drinks for less when you go to the happy hour.


Happy hour offers the best discounts on liquor, like beer, wine, cocktails, and shots - even on branded ones. It can go into late hours and depending on the bar, you may also get free Hors-d'oeuvres, appetizers and discounted menu items.


8) Tell them it’s your birthday

A lot of restaurants and bars are generous to birthday celebrants. They usually offer discounts or free the celebrant of any charges.


If you already know where you want to go on your special day, see if they’re offering birthday discounts. You may probably have to sign up for their online birthday club. They may also send you coupons, or give you a free appetizer, drink, or dessert when you dine in.


9) Skip the weekends

Party off-peak! When the business is slow, restaurants, bars, and even hotels are likely to offer specials to entice customers to fill their booths. Go on off-peak days, like Mondays to Thursdays.  


Author Bio: Mina Corpuz is a creative writer for WestHQ Venues Western Sydney, an iconic one-stop destination for world-class dining, entertainment, accommodation, and leisure experiences in the heart of Western Sydney. This free-spirited damsel loves writing about lifestyle, mainly food, entertainment, travel, and health and fitness.