Claim Process of Two Wheeler Insurance


Two wheeler insurance IFFCO Tokio is insurance product of IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company. The Insurance Company was incorporated on December 4, 2000 with IRDA registration number 106. The company is a joint venture between Indian public sector company IFFCO or Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative and Japan’s largest insurance group Tokio Marine and Nichido fire group.


The need for raising a claim may arise in the event of any mishap while on insured bike and injury or property damage of third party, self, driver or pillion. Whereas third party injury and property damage cover is mandatory, the availability of other covers would depend on the insurance product chosen by the policy holder. In all cases however claims fall under four categories:

  1. Claims for personal accident injury

  2. Claims for damaged (including third party vehicle damage, being third party property)

  3. Claims for third party property damage

  4. Claims for theft of insured vehicle or vehicle part

Two Wheeler Insurance IFFCO Tokio Claim for Personal Accident Injury

Claims can be raised for personal accident injury for third party and other covered members for personal accident under the IFFCO Tokio bike insurance policy. In India it is mandatory to insure vehicle for third party liability. In the event of personal accident due to insured vehicle, policy holder should immediately inform IFFCO Tokio at the emergency helpline numbers given in the policy document and provide his/her policy number. In the event of third party injury due to vehicle, driver or vehicle owner should not be permitted to shirk responsibility. The vehicle number should be noted down at once and FIR should be filed at the nearest police station.


For cashless hospitalization insured can use the hospital locator feature of the portal or check from the policy documents. Insured can avail cashless hospitalization and treatment for personal accident covers in any of the third party networked hospitals of IFFCO Tokio. Prior to hospitalization insured must ensure the status of third party association of the hospital with IFFCO Tokio.

Steps for setting up cashless hospitalization procedure

  • Immediately call up IFFCO Tokio emergency assistance

  • Immediately inform guardian/relatives of injured

  • Select the hospital nearest to mishap vicinity with the help of customer support

  • Get the injured admitted immediately and get the treatment process started

  • Get cashless hospitalization claim form from hospital insurance help desk

  • Fill and submit form after getting signatures from supervising doctor

  • Submit all relevant documents along with the cashless hospitalization form

The approval for cashless hospitalization claim is given within 24 hours after submission of cashless hospitalization claim form and documents. If due to any reason the hospital is not able to approve cashless hospitalization then get the payment done and receive all bills. Submit the bills with reimbursement form to IFFCO Tokio. The claim is reimbursed by IFFCO Tokio within twenty days after form submission and due approval.

Steps for claiming reimbursement for paid personal accident bills

In several cases it may not be possible to avail cashless hospitalization facility. If bills have to be paid to the hospital for hospitalization then receipts of all payments should be duly procured from hospital counter. Thereafter the following steps need to be initiated at the earliest not later than seven days from the date of occurrence of mishap.

  • Get the IFFCO Tokio claim form for two wheeler (also downloadable from website)

  • Fill the form and attach all bills and documents with the form

  • Submit offline at any branch or online through portal and get the receipt

IFFCO Tokio takes a maximum of twenty days to approve and reimburse the claim in the account of the policy holder.

Two Wheeler Insurance IFFCO Tokio claim for vehicle damage

Due to mishap if bike of owner or vehicle property of third party gets damaged then claim can be raised by owner with IFFCO Tokio if policy includes bike cover. If any bike owner is proved by inspection authority to be the cause of accident then the individual becomes liable to reimburse the third party as per stipulations of the Motor Vehicle Act. Thanks to third party liability cover, bike owners need to get mandatory third party liability cover for their vehicles from authorized insurance companies.


IFFCO Tokio offers cashless repair in more than 3400 network garages as well as post reimbursement of bills paid for getting damaged vehicle repaired. The process for raising cashless and reimbursement claim is similar to that of raising claim for personal accident cover. In this case also IFFCO Tokio should be immediately informed on the emergency line numbers and garage can be selected from list of networked garages. In case of accident with third party or another vehicle an FIR may have to be filed.

Two Wheeler Insurance IFFCO Tokio claim for third party damage


In case of any third party property damage due to an individual’s vehicle, the individual is liable to raise third party liability claim for third party property damage with the insurer company. The value of reimbursement is sanctioned by inspection authority and is within the amount stipulated for third party property damage liability. The inspection report should be attached with the claim form for third party property damage reimbursement.

Two Wheeler Insurance IFFCO Tokio claim for stolen bike or bike parts

If bike has been insured for bike damage and theft cover under comprehensive IFFCO Tokio bike insurance policy, then claim can be raised with the insurer in the event of theft of bike or theft of covered bike parts.