User Declared Canonical and Google Declared Canonical


The most useful and raised question is that what is user declared canonical tag and Google declared canonical tag. After the update new webmaster the URL inspection tools in Google search console return result about your webpage

What it is User Declared Canonical?

When you submit a URL in URL inspection then it define indexing is allowed or not. User declared canonical tag can be different from Google selected canonical tag.

If your Google Selected Canonical Tag is different from user declared canonical tag then it means Google is decided to index another version of your webpages.

What is Google Selected Canonical?

If Google found the duplicate webpages then in many case Google Google will select same URL or best URL. If the webpage has no alternative canonical tag then Google selected canonical is the inspected URL and if you  declaring any alternative canonical version then Google Search result will show alternative URL and Google Selected Canonical Tag will be different.

If on your webpages doesn’t have canonical URL, you can inspect URL by use URL Inspect tool. If the canonical URL is not in a property that you can view, this information will not be shown.

Request for Re-indexing:-

You can request for crawling again by Google. Indexing can take up to 15-20 days. You can click on request re-indexing for indexed again.