What is Good CTR Percent for Google AdSense?


CTR is known as Click Through Rate and its link between then Click & Impression.CTR is defined how many times ads clciked by visitor devided by number of times ads or page viewed by visitor. Its ratio between the clciked and impression. In Google Adsense CTR is maters alot. If any users clcik himself on Google Ads then CTR will increased.

Calculate % Of CTR:-

CTR = No. of clicks / No. of exposures

CTR% = No. of clicks * 100 / No. of exposures

for example if you are running you blog or website and blog is viewed by 100 visitors, and in 100 visitors 4visitor clicked on ads then CTR% is 4%.


What Should Good CTR for Google Adsense-

A googd CTR for Google Adsense is 2% - 4%. If your CTR is increased bby 10% then your Goole Adsense account in danger. You should aware about it. If your CTR% is more than 20% then Google Adsense account will closed permanent.

How You Can Control CTR in Google Adsense-
If your Google Adsense account CTR is more than 10% then remove your Ads from home pages. Because most of bot attcks on home page, or you can remove unwanted Ads from your webpages.